There are 2 ways to merge profiles, one from the Duplicates module under the admin panel and the other from Profile Page. Which is the easiest and recommended way?

While the process in both is almost the same, the Duplicates module definitely has an advantage because the profiles which are similar are auto-selected.

Our algorithm runs a weighted match between the profiles based on Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Gender, and Class Year and lists down the profiles which are most similar, with a threshold of 80% match.

What is Master/Original Record?

It is the record that will remain intact on the system after the merge. All the data that you select while merging the profiles will be pushed to this record.

What happens to the Duplicate record after the merge?

It gets archived and is not visible anywhere on the platform.

What is the difference between the tabs "Registered Users" and "Other Profiles" in the Duplicates module?

"Registered Users" lists all those profiles with registration that have some other unregistered profile similar to it.
So it's a pair of all registered and unregistered profiles similar to each other.
Here the Master Record is the registered profile and Duplicate is the
unregistered one.

"Other Profiles" lists a pair of all the unregistered profiles which are similar to each other. Here both Master and Duplicate records are Unregistered.

Are there any restrictions on which profiles can be merged or which should not be merged?

Yes, there are 2 points to make a note of while merging profiles

a. No two registered profiles can be merged -
If a user has signed up (registered) on the site separately on more than one occasion with different email addresses, you will not be able to merge these profiles.
The system considers them as two unique users as they have gone through separate verification processes on each email address.
This is to avoid security being compromised. In such cases, it is recommended to check with the user and delete one of these extra accounts.

b. Registered as Master Record and Unregistered as Duplicate Record
When merging 2 profiles, if one is registered and the other is unregistered, then always make sure the Registered one is selected as Master/Original Record and Unregistered as a Duplicate record.
If you do it another way the registration data will be lost.

Why can't I see the "Merge Profile" button on one of my user's profiles?

The "Merge Profile" button is available only on the unregistered profiles so that you do not accidentally merge a registered profile with an unregistered one.
(point (b) in the FAQ no. 2)

Can I select email IDs, phone numbers, or addresses from both profiles while merging?

These fields are single-valued fields, which means our system can only hold one value at a time for these fields.
How to figure out which are single-valued fields?
The fields which have a radio button on the merge pop-up are the single-valued ones.

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