There are two methods for merging duplicate profiles. 

  1. Duplicates feature under ‘User’ tab in the admin panel.

  2. Merging from individual profile pages.

  • The steps followed are almost the same, the only difference is, in the Duplicates feature, the two profiles which can be merged are already selected.

  • While in the individual profile pages, you have to select the profile which you want to merge with.

First Method - Merging using the Duplicates feature on admin panel:

  • Step 1: Go to Duplicate through the admin panel.

NOTE: The column of profiles on the left represents the Original, and the one on the right represents duplicate. To swap these, click on Swap.
NOTE: Here, our algorithm computes a weighted match based on how similar fields like Name, Class, Major, etc. are on both the profiles and gives a list of pairs profiles that have match percentages equal to or greater than 80%.

Duplicates feature

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Merge’ button. Following screen appears-

Merge profiles – Master record and duplicate record

  • Step 3: Select the required fields that you want to be in the merged profile. 

  • Step 4: After you have selected the fields to be merged, click on Merge.
    All the selected fields will be copied to the ‘Original/Master record’ and the ‘Duplicate record’ will be archived.

Second Method - Merging from individual profile pages:

  • Step 1: Go to the unregistered profile that you know is a 'Duplicate' and click on the button Merge Profiles

Profile Page – Merge Profiles

  • Step 2: Search for the 'Original' profile and select the appropriate one from the drop-down that appears

Profile Page – Select the original profile

  • Step 3:  Click Merge Profile.
    The steps followed after this are the same as Steps 3 and 4 in the first method.

While both methods work the same, the process is a lot easier to do from the Duplicate Profiles feature.

Since there are two added benefits-

  • Using the Swap button you can select which profile of the two to be the Master Record and the Duplicate record.

  • The match score calculated by our algorithm makes it easier for you to pick and merge duplicates with minimal hassle!

TIP: Use the "Swap" option only for the profiles under "Other Profiles". 

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Here are some FAQs on Merge Process.

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