The different access levels you can assign to a user are:

  • Chapter Admin: Can edit all the chapter pages and associated features

  • Chapter Manager: Can manage the chapter for which they are specifically marked as Chapter Manager

  • Communication: Can send bulk emails and manage aspects of the Communication Center - Email templates, Email Analytics

  • Content: Can manage the content across the platform - Pages, Navigation Menu, Forms, News, Banner Pictures, Notable Alumni, Stories, Chapters etc.

  • Events: Can create new events, edit existing Events, manage event attendees and view and edit Forms associated with Events

  • Fundraising: Can create and manage projects, donor details, donations, accounts

  • User admin: Can manage accounts, merge duplicates, do verifications etc.

  • Site Admin: Site Admin is the super-set of all these. It is the role with full permission and can do all of the above plus a few Will be able to access and edit all features available on the site)

To change access levels of a user:

Step 1: Go to All Users on the Admin panel 

Here you can find the list of all people who have registered (signed up) on the site along with their respective details.

Step 2: Find the user whose access level needs to be changed. You can search using their name (search bar) or filter down using Role, Access level, Registration type and status)

Step 3: Click on the ID of the respective user and a new window containing the details will show up.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see a section - Permissions.
This contains different options. Check-mark as many as you may need,  depending on your requirement, and click the Save option on the bottom right corner to confirm the changes.

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