You can send out a bulk email to any email group that you create on the Almabase platform.

To start, on the admin panel menu, select Communication Center & click on Compose Email to create a new email.

Now, the following window should appear. The image describes the various functions that you can use:

You can create a group or choose the one you have created earlier to send out the email.

The ‘Sender’ is the person you are sending out the email as – Essentially a ‘from’ address. You can choose this to be any person on your website.

You can also schedule the email to go out at a specific time. Click Schedule Emailto do this. Once you choose the time and date, click ‘Send to schedule an email. You can then see this email under Pending. 

Send Test emailsends out an email to the email addresses of each admin on your alumni site.

Once you are ready to send out the email, click Send Now. Your email will have been added to the queue, pending approval from the Almabase team.

Note: The scheduled email can be canceled from the Pending section. Once, canceled the email will move to Drafts.

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