The email designing tool in Almabase is built with BEE Editor - it is pretty intuitive and really easy to use. Follow the steps below to know how to compose an email on Almabase. 👇


On the admin panel, go to Compose Email under Communication Center.


Click on Design Email and select a template.

On the compose email page, click on the "Design Email" to get started with some beautiful email templates that we have curated for you.

Here you will have the option to select a pre-designed template or custom design your email from scratch.

NOTE: To custom design your email, select the plain template under the basic category.

Example of plain and pre-designed email template.


Designing your email (if a plain template is selected)

There are three parts to understand when you are designing an email.

1. Selecting your preferred layout under the "rows" section, drag & drop the layout.

2. From the "content," section drag & drop the type of content you want to add to your email.

3. Adjust the overall settings of the email under the "settings" section.

That's It! That's how easy it is to compose and design an email on Almabase. 😄

We recommend going through some of these video tutorials on the BEE Editor website. This will help you understand the basic tools you have at your disposal and help you take your email designing skills to the next level.

What next?

Now that you know how to design emails, it's time to send the email out to your alumni

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Reach out to us at or through the Intercom Chat bubble if you have any questions about composing your next email.

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