Sending Out a Bulk Email

Learn more about dispatching a bulk email to a vast number of users efficiently.

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Step 1: Initiating Email Composition

  1. Navigate to "Tools" on the admin panel menu.

  2. Click on "Compose Email" to begin crafting a new email.

Step 2: Utilizing the Email Composition Interface

The interface that appears will offer various functionalities:

  • Create a new group or select a pre-existing one to send the email to.

  • Set the 'Sender' as any registered individual on your website; this will act as the 'from' address.

  • Optionally, schedule the email for a later time by clicking on 'Schedule Email'. Select the desired time and date, then click 'Send' to schedule. This email will appear under 'Pending'.

Now, the following window should appear. The image describes the various functions that you can use:

Step 3: Sending Test and Final Emails

  1. Use 'Send Test email' to dispatch a sample to all admin email addresses on your alumni site for review.

  2. When ready, click on 'Send Now' to deliver your email to the chosen recipients.

Note: If you need to cancel a scheduled email, do so from the 'Pending' section. Canceled emails will move to 'Drafts'.

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