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How to add a gallery by uploading photos from your computer

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  • Step 1: Navigate to find the  photo gallery on your home page

  • Step 2: Click Upload Photos

  • Step 3: Browse your device and select the required photos. Multiple photos can also be selected, in one go (use the Shift key).

  • Step 4: After you select the photos, choose an album for these photos to go into.
    You can either create a new album or choose among the already existing albums by clicking on the arrow for the dropdown menu.

NOTE: You can change the access level to decide who can view the album. You can also add a description for each photo.

  • Step 5: Once you're done, click on Upload to finish the process. 

P.S. Wait for the photos to upload - don't close the window till it's all done!

Here's an article for FAQs around Images and Logos.
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