Using Resources, you can upload documents and media files of different formats and list them out for download.
To set this up,

  • Step-1: Go to  Resources on the admin panel. Click  +Add Resource to upload a file

  • Step-2: Fill up details like Name, description, section (category) etc. 

  • Step-3: Upload the resource file OR use any external link(URL) that points to the file.  

Now, you need to add this section to your main menu

  • Step 4: Search for Edit Main Menu & Footer on the admin panel.

You will see different ”headers” and various ”sub links” under them. Select the header under which you want the downloads page to be added.

  • Step 5: Click [+Add sublink] under the selected header.

  • Step 6: In the text box for "Name", enter a name of your choice. (Say, 'Resources') Select URL and add the text  /downloads .Click [Save changes] once you're done.

  • Step 8: Also click [Save changes] on the bottom-right corner to ensure that this change gets saved onto the main page.

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