There are two ways to add a new record to your Alumni Directory

  1. Through Data Studio

  2. Using "profile/create" on the address bar.

1) Through Data Studio.

From the admin panel, select Data Studio. Once in Data click on "Add Record", on the top right corner.

2) Using "profile/create", on the address bar.

In the address bar of your browser type in 'your site name/profile/create'
For e.g.,

Once either of the above steps is completed. An un-filled Profile Update screen appears.

Fill in the necessary details and hit on Save Changes.

This approach is best if you're just adding individual profiles.
If you need to upload bulk information (say, of a new graduating class, or just a whole new set of info that you just received), then please contact your Account Manager.

If you have any additional queries on this or need assistance with anything else, reach out to us at

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