The Main Menu right at the top of your site with the different Menu items is also referred to as the 'header' of the site.

The footer is the section at the bottom of your site that also contains Contact information and a list of upcoming events. 

Both of these can be customized from the Edit Main Menu and Footer tool on the admin panel

Aside from the content that goes into cards on the home page automatically, for your alumni to access any other content that you create, you need to first put it on the navigation menu.

To add a new item to the navigation menu, Go to the Edit Main Menu and Footer tool on the admin panel. 


Step 1:

Navigation Menu edit page will look like the following window, where you can find different headers with dark blue labels. Under each header, you will be able to add pages, newsletters, events, etc.

Choose one of the headers on your navigation menu, under which you want to make the changes.

Note: While you can add more header/ footer links on the menu by clicking on "Add header link" or "Add footer link".
But there is a limit of 6 header links and 3 footer links you can have.
There is no limit to the number of sub links.

Click on add sub-link, a popup will appear to enter in the relevant details.

Step 2:

In the field Name, enter the name you want for the sub-link.

Step 3:

In the next field Link, you have two options to direct the sub-link to when clicked on it.
It can be linked to an external URL or to an existing page you created on the platform.

  • To link to an external URL: Enter the URL into the text box.

  • To link to a page: Click on the dropdown menu and select the desired page. This article has more details on adding a page to the navigation menu 

Step 4:

You can control the visibility of the sub-link on the menu. To do this, click on the dropdown field 'Visibility', and choose from 3 given options.

  • All visitors - Logged in, non logged in, verified or unverified users.

  • Only verified users - Verified Users

  • Hidden - Hidden from all users (even admins) 

Step 5:

Once you're done, click on Save changes on this pop-up, and also on the navigation menu edit the page as shown below.

Check the article to know how to add a Newsletter/Magazine created on the platform to the Navigation Menu.

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