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How to Add a New Menu Item to the Navigation or Header and Footer Menu?
How to Add a New Menu Item to the Navigation or Header and Footer Menu?

Learn more on how to add new links, like a magazine or newsletter link, to the navigation menus.

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Adding a new menu item or link, for example, newsletters, to the navigation menu is a simple three-step task.

Step 1: Access Navigation Menu Settings

  1. To start off with, Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Header and footer settings in the admin panel.

  2. The Navigation Menu edit page will display various headers with dark blue labels, under which you can place links to pages, newsletters, events, and more.

  3. Select one of the headers from your navigation menu under which you'd like to add the new menu item.

Step 2: Add the New Menu Item

  1. Click on the "+Add sublink" option under the chosen header. A pop-up window will appear with three editable sections:

  • Name: The text you enter here will be displayed on the navigation menu of your website.

  • Link: Choose the URL option. In the text box, use the following format to add a newsletter link: “/nl/<name of newsletter>”. For example, if your newsletter is named "reminiscence," the format would be “/nl/reminiscence.”

    If your newsletter name has multiple words, separate them with a hyphen, e.g., “/nl/college-memories.”

  • Visibility: You can select one of the options: All Visitors, Verified Users, or Hidden, to control access to the link/URL.

Once you've filled in the details, don't forget to click "Save Changes" on the pop-up window and the one available at the bottom right corner of the navigation menu edit page.

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Chat 💬. We are here to assist you! 😄

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