How to Link a Campaign to a Page on the Site

see how to add a button that links a campaign to a page on the site

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Frequently, there arises a need to have a donation page that serves for receiving contributions throughout the year and isn't necessarily a specific campaign or competitive fundraising effort. This article will guide you in creating a donation page capable of accepting gifts on an ongoing basis.

Step 1: Create a Checkout Page to collect all donations.

  • Go to GivingView All Campaigns and click on the + sign to create a new Giving Page. Give a name to the page and select Checkout as the Page Type.

  • Make the required changes to the basic settings on the page setup. Toggle on the Publish option on the bottom left to make the page live.

Step 2. Create a Page

  • On the admin navigation, search for Pages, or simply go to Tools Pages.

  • Click on Add Page to create a new page.

  • On the content section of the page, make the required customization such as adding text, images, and important contact details. Now, to add the checkout page we created earlier, we can click on Widgets on the editor and select Standard Button Widget.

  • A new dialog box will open up and we can add all the details for the button to redirect the donor to the checkout page. To get the link to the checkout page, go to the checkout page setup, click on View on platform on the top-right, and copy the page URL.

  • After making the required changes, you can click on View on site (on top-right) to take a look at how the page would appear. Hit Save to save the changes.

Step 3. Add the General Donation Page to the header options

  • To give the page more visibility and to make it more accessible, make sure to add the page on the header options. Here's an article that shows in detail the steps to be followed for the same.

Here's a sample General donation page:

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