List of All Registered Users
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Using Old Admin Navigation: You will find a list of All Registered Users under the Users section on the admin panel.

Using the New Admin Navigation: Navigate to Pending user approvals via Reports on the Admin Panel.

Use the Registration Status filter on the left and select All to view all the Registered Users on the platform 👇

From here, you can access information about everyone who has signed up on the platform. Unlike Data Studio, which lists profiles (i.e., even records on your database of people who may or may not have signed up) by default, this list shows you only people who have registered on the platform. 

This view is useful to see the registration status of users. Alternatively, you can also use the 'Registration Status' filter on Data Studio.

You can check here on what each of the terms within ‘Registration Status’ means.

For a better understanding, check out this article on understanding the signup process

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