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Resolving Issues with Granting Site Admin Access on Almabase
Resolving Issues with Granting Site Admin Access on Almabase

Understand what to do when a record exists on Almabase but you're unable to find and grant site admin access to users.

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Sometimes, you might find a record on Almabase but struggle to grant admin access because the individual hasn't registered or linked themselves to the record on the platform.

Understanding Records vs. Users:

  • Record: Represents a profile with a set of data for a person on the platform.

  • User: Someone who has registered or signed up on the platform and linked themselves to a record.

Inviting Individuals to Sign Up:

  • In cases where there’s a record without a linked user, invite the person to sign up.

  • Navigate to the person’s profile and click on the “Invite User to Signup” option. This helps reduce duplicates.

How the 'Invite User to Signup' Option Works:

  • After adding a new record or if you’re not using Almabase’s front end for logins, use the “Invite User to Signup” option on the user’s profile. Find out more here.

  • The invited user will receive an email invitation to join the platform.

  • The email contains a “Claim account” link, leading them through the registration process.

Post Registration:

  • Once the individual completes the registration, you can then proceed to grant them admin access or approve their user status for site interaction.

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