We have recently implemented changes to the way a user registers or logs in to the Alumni website. However, this does not change the approval/verification process for the site admins.

Let's understand how Site Admin can verify/approve users from the Data Studio and the All User page. 👇

Approving users through the Data Studio.

Step 1:

From the admin panel, go to data studio (Data Management > Data Studio)

Click on "Add Filter" and search for the "Registration Status" filter on the data studio.

Step 2:

Filtering users in the "Pending Approval" stage

On the registration status filter, click on "is any of" and then select "pending approval" from the drop-down menu and hit on "apply filter."

Step 3:

Approving/Verifying the users

Select the users you want to approve and go to "admin actions > account access > approve access."

Approving users through the All Users Page.

Step 1:

From the admin panel, go to All Users

Search for All Users or go to Online Communities > User Accounts > All users on the admin panel.

Step 2:

Filter users in the "Pending Approval" stage

You will find a "registration status" filter on the left-hand side of the All Users page.

Select the filter as "pending approval," and the table will filter out all the users who are in this stage.

Step 3:

Approving/Verifying the user

Select all the users you want to approve and navigate to the drop-down options.

Select "approve users" from the drop-down option and hit on proceed to approve the selected user.

These are the two ways to approve/verify users on the pending approval stage. 👍

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Please write to us at help@almabase.com or through the Intercom Chat Bubble if you have any questions on approving/verifying users. 😄

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