Create a Fund

Select "Funds" on the admin panel. (Admin Panel > Giving > Funds)

On the following page, click on the +Add Fund button.

Next, enter the necessary fund details as shown below. 👇

  • External Database ID [optional]

It acts as an identifier between the Almabase fund and the fund on your external database.

For example:- Robotics Lab fund on your Raiser's Edge database has ID 9898. Enter that ID in this field to allocate the gifts to the correct fund when gift data is synced.

  • Is default[optional]

By checking on the "Is Default," the system will automatically pick this as a default fund if no funds are associated with your Giving campaign.

📝 Only one fund can be marked as default. Once you mark a fund to be the default, the other default fund(if any) gets unmarked automatically.

How does it work?

When a giving campaign is designated to one or more funds, the donations will go towards whichever fund the donor selects. If there are no funds associated with a giving campaign, then the fund that is marked as default will be picked up automatically.

However, if you haven't marked any fund as default, the system auto-creates a fund named Undesignated Fund and marks it as default, and all the donations made towards the giving campaign will go to this undesignated fund.

You can either create your own fund and mark it as default, or the system auto-creates a fund for you. 😃

Editing/Deleting a fund

The fund details, such as name, description, image, etc., can be edited at any given point in time.

A fund can be deleted only if no donations are made towards that particular fund.

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Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns on adding funds. 😄

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