Create a Fund

Go to the Fundraising Dashboard, click on Funds.

You will be redirected to a page where you can create a Fund. Click on +Add Fund

and enter the details as shown below -

  • External Database ID[optional] - It is the identifier of the fund on your database.

    For example:- Robotics Lab fund on your Raiser's Edge database has ID 9898. Enter that ID in this field

  • Is default[optional] - Check this option if you want this fund to be picked by default.
    The default fund will be picked when there is no fund designated to the campaign page.

    NOTE: Only one fund can be marked as default at a time. Once you mark a fund to be the default, the other default fund(if any) gets unmarked automatically.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple when a campaign page is designated to one or more funds; the donations will go towards whichever fund is selected by the donor.

But when there is no fund designated to a campaign page, the fund that is marked as default will be picked up.
If you haven't marked any fund to be a default one, then the system auto-creates a fund named Undesignated Fund, marks its default, and all the donations made towards that campaign will go to this undesignated fund.

So, you have 2 choices here, either create a default fund of your own, or the system auto-creates one for you.

Updating a fund

Any detail of a fund, like its name, description, etc., can be updated at any point in time.
As for deleting a fund, that can be done only if there are no donations made for the fund.

Please write to us at in case of any queries.

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