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FAQs on Gift Sync

See how to handle errors, How to check the sync status, and more

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Why were only some of the gifts on the list pushed to the RE gift batch?

There could be several reasons why some gifts on your list did not push to Raiser's Edge.

Some of the most common errors include,

  • The mapped records' system record IDs are missing;

  • The Fund selected when making the donation may not have a valid system record ID associated with the fund.

  • The gifts may not have been mapped to any record in Almabase.

Follow these steps to fix these errors and successfully push the gifts to RE.

The system will list all gifts that did not get pushed, as well as the specific errors that occurred, on the Gift List you have created to sync gifts.

The error message tells you the exact error and also gives you the option to fix them by providing the relevant missing information 👇

Once the errors have been corrected, click "Run Gift Sync Workflow" once more and select whether to add the remaining gifts to the same batch or to create a new gift batch.

Once completed, the remaining gifts will be pushed to RE.

If I run the workflow again, will it add the previously synced gifts?

No. Already synced gifts will not be synced again. Only gifts that were not synced will be synced to RE.

How do I know whether a gift is added to a batch on RE?

Once a gift list is created on the platform, open the gift list and scroll down to view all the gifts within the list. The gifts would be displayed in a tabular format, shown in the screenshot below 👇

As highlighted in the screenshot, when a gift is added to a batch in RE, the “Sync Status” for that gift would reflect as “Added to a batch.”

To find out the exact batch number to which the gift has been added, click on the “edit gift” option as shown in the screenshot below 👇

Within the “edit gift” option, as you scroll down under “Sync Details,” you will find the exact batch number to which the gift has been added to RE.

Gifts are pushed from Almabase to Raiser's Edge via batches. Is it possible to create gifts directly on RE without batching?

No, it is not possible. Gifts can be pushed from Almabase to Raiser's Edge only via batches. Once a batch is pushed to RENXT, you have the option to review the gift batch and commit the gift to the respective constituent record manually on RENXT.

Do I have to create a list every time I want to push a gift to RE?

Every gift that needs to be synced must be on a list. If you don't want to make a list every time a new gift arrives, create a gift segment.

A gift segment ensures that gifts that match the filters will be added to the list in the future.

Please select the date range for which you expect to receive gifts. Choosing the correct date range will assist in automatically adding the gifts to the existing list whenever a new gift is made in the future.

Is there a way to add gifts to an existing batch on RE?

Yes, as shown in the screenshot below, you can add gifts to an existing batch on RE by selecting "Add gifts to existing gift batch."

When you choose this option, you will be prompted to enter a batch number. You can enter the batch number for the existing batch to which you would like to sync the new gifts.

Is there a way to manually mark the gifts that were added to Raiser's Edge as synced on Almabase?

Yes, gifts added in Raiser's Edge can be manually marked as 'Synced' in Almabase. You can add the 'External Database ID' of those gifts, and the system will automatically change the status to 'synced.'

You can change the ID of any gift in the list by selecting 'Edit gift details,' as shown below 👇

After this, the gift will be marked as "Synced" on Almabase.

On RE, I accidentally added the gift to a different batch. I'd like to undo this and sync again. How am I going to do that?

If the gift is accidentally added to a different batch, simply mark it as unsynced and add it to the correct batch using the steps outlined below:

Note: Remove the gift from the batch in RE to which it was incorrectly added in the first place.

How are these gifts from Almabase matched to a constituent on Raiser's Edge?

Almabase uses the Constituent's "System Record ID" as a unique identifier to match the gift with the Constituent on Raiser's Edge. The gifts are not pushed if the records lack valid system record IDs on the Almabase platform.

What happens if a gift is added to more than one gift list on Almabase?

Even if a gift is added to multiple lists, it will only be pushed to the RENXT if the sync status for the gift is "Not synced."

When you try to sync a gift list, the sync status for the gift is updated, and the same is reflected on every list that the same gift is added to.

If the status of a gift on one list is changed to "Added to a batch," the same change will be reflected on any other lists where this gift is added.

In this manner, the system prevents duplicate gift entries.

I created a gift segment in the hopes that future gifts would be automatically added to the list. However, I couldn't find any recent gifts on them. What am I overlooking?

A gift segment is created from the “Gift Dashboard” under the Table view of gifts.

Apart from adding the filter while creating a gift segment, you should also ensure that the date range selected on the table is set until the end of your campaign 👇

The gift segment is created such that any donation that satisfies the filter criteria and falls within the date range selected on the table will be added to this gift segment.

How can transaction charges covered by donors be added to a separate fund when syncing them to Raiser's Edge?

  • Under the campaign settings page, go to “other settings” > “gift sync metadata”

  • Configure the fund to push the donor-covered charges.

  • When the gift with transaction charges covered is pushed to RE, a split is created: the donation amount will be attributed to the fund chosen by the donor, and the transaction charges will be attributed to the fund chosen under the metadata settings.

Can we push both one-time gifts and recurring gifts through gift sync?

Yes, both one-time gifts and recurring gifts can be pushed through gift sync. However recurring gifts through BBMS are immediately pushed to RENXT without the need for gift sync.

All recurring gifts created on AB with BBMS are immediately pushed to RE if the following conditions are met:

  • The gift has not previously been pushed

  • The gift is mapped to a constituent with a valid System Record ID

  • All funds have a valid external database ID

  • The connected RE account of the payment account has admin permissions to create gifts and gift batches

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