Connect Raiser's Edge NXT with Almabase

Step by step instructions on how to connect your Raiser's Edge NXT to Almabase to start syncing contact information on records.

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Pre-requisite: Make sure the Blackbaud account you use in this process has environment admin access.

Why? For constituent data pull we fetch custom field options from RENXT through data integration API. Because of the differences between RENXT APIs and Data Integration APIs, we need extra admin access to fetch the options.

The process of setting this up is quite simple. You need to do two things:

  1. Add the Almabase application on RE NXT

  2. Connect RE NXT instance from Almabase.

Part 1: Adding Almabase application on RE NXT

Step 1 - Go to Marketplace.

Step 2 - Search for "Almabase" > Click on the App > Connect.

Part 2: Connect RE NXT to your Almabase account

Step 1 - Type this URL on your browser - https://<your domain here>/login/blackbaud/ (Replace <your domain here> with your website address like or

Step 2 -

  • Enter the credentials to your Blackbaud account and log in.

  • Click on Authorize.

That's all. Once you complete the authorization you will be redirected to the home page.

In case of any questions reach out to us at

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