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Understanding How Form Entries Can Be Pushed to Raiser's Edge
Understanding How Form Entries Can Be Pushed to Raiser's Edge

Learn more about syncing form data from Almabase to Raiser's Edge NXT.

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Pushing and syncing form entries from Almabase to Raiser's Edge NXT is possible with three main connectors:

  1. Event Connector

  2. Giving Connector

  3. Form Connector

Event Connector

The Event Connector is designed for moving updated constituent data from event forms to Almabase profiles and subsequently to Raiser's Edge NXT.

  • This connector specializes in mapping default registration fields such as Name, Email Address, and Phone Number from event forms to Almabase profiles.

  • However, it's important to note that it supports only these default fields.

Giving Connector

Similar to the Event Connector, the Giving Connector allows the transfer of updated constituent data from giving forms to Almabase profiles and Raiser's Edge NXT.

When donors fill out giving forms, the information they provide, limited to default fields like Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address Fields, is mapped to their Almabase records.

This connector is crucial for ensuring donor data is accurately reflected in both systems.

Form Connectors

Form connectors are versatile tools used for pushing information from both events and giving forms to Almabase profiles.

They enable the mapping of various form fields to corresponding fields in the Almabase profile. Once set up, these connectors can either automatically update the corresponding fields in the Almabase profile or flag changes for review, based on predefined rules.

However, they are limited to the default fields in a user's profile, such as Basic Information, Addresses, Emails, Phone Numbers, and others. Custom fields are currently not supported.

Sync Rules

Sync rules are critical for controlling how information is updated from Almabase to Raiser's Edge. They allow for two main actions:

  1. Automatic Updates: For changes that don't replace existing Raiser's Edge data, sync rules can automate the update process.

  2. Flagging for Review: Changes that would replace existing data in Raiser's Edge are flagged for manual review in the Data Inbox.

This ensures a balance between efficiency and accuracy in data integration, with the sequence being: Constituent Sync Feature → Event/Giving/Form Connectors (update user profiles) → Sync Rules (determine data handling) → Data either automatically pushed to RENXT or flagged for review.

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