Once you, as a site admin create a community, you can make one or more user a community admin.
They can manage the entire community and engage the members using the privileges granted to them.

A community admin will have full control over the community they are the admin of.
Below are the actions they are granted access to -

  • Change the community settings, 

  • Add other admins, 

  • Editing discussion feeds

  • Approve or reject members, 

  • Send emails and

  • Add events and news

Most of them are accessible from the community page.

Change community settings, add admins and approve or reject members

  • Click on the option Settings under the Admin Actions (as shown in the screenshot above)

  • Follow this article which explains in detail
        - Change name, description, logo, etc. for the community
        - Add admins to the community
        - `Approve and reject community members

Send Emails

Community admins can send emails to all the members of the community.

Step 1: Go to Admin Actions > Send email

Step 2: An email group is auto-created for the members of the community and is selected as the receiver.
The admin sending the email is auto-selected as the sender.

Step 3: Enter a subject line(the button "Design email" will be enabled once a subject line is entered)

Step 4: Click on Design Email and select a template or design your own.

Step 5: Send the email or send a test email or schedule for later.

Create an event

Community admins can create events for their community. These events will be visible only to the members of the community.

Step 1: Go to Admin Actions> Create event

Step 2: Follow the steps in this article to see how to create a simple RSVP event

Add news

The news article created by the community admin will be visible only to the community members.

Here's how a community admin can add a news article

Step 1: Go to Admin Actions> Add a news

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details and hit Save Changes -

Step 3: The news article will be listed under the News tab, and once clicked on it, you will be navigated to the news article.

Giving Campaigns on Community

Currently, only the site admins have the permission to create a giving campaign for a community.
The community admin has to get in touch with the site admin if they want to add a campaign for their community.

Note for site admins: There is a field called "Communities" which you see while setting up a giving campaign, here you choose the communities you wish to add the campaign.

Write to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries

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