How to create a simple RSVP Event?

Step 1:

Search for "Create an Event" in the admin panel, and click on it.

Enter the Event name in the pop-up that appears

Step 2:

In the following screen, you will see different sections to be set up.
For a simple RSVP event, you need to set up only three sections

  • Basic Settings

Enter the following details in this section.

- Event Name
- Event Venue
- Start, and End Date, and Time
- Time Zone

and if this event is for a specific affinity group, then select the group in the field Event is visible on, else leave the field blank.

  • Details & Images

Under the field, Description enter any specific message or information regarding the event.
Upload cover pictures you want for the event website on a laptop/desktop, and on the mobile device using the fields Featured Image and Featured Image on the mobile

Note: For the entire image to be visible, please upload it in the recommended size mentioned below the respective fields

  • Guests & RegistrationsĀ 

Here, you can setĀ 

  • Whether you want the event to be available only to verified account holders on your platform? or to anyone?
  • Whether you want to allow other guests to accompany your ticketĀ 
  • Whether you need to ask the guests additional questions using forms. (Optional)

If accompanying guests are allowed, the buyer will be required to input some basic details about the people that will be accompanying him/her.

  • Contact Persons
    Here you can add details of the contact person which will be seen on the events landing page.
  • Other Settings
    Here you have some additional setting options for the event.

Step 3:

And finally, hit 'Save Changes'.

Turn the 'Publish Event' toggle on to make the event visible on the platform.
After you turn it on, toggle 'Accept Registration' as well to allow people to register for the event.

Congratulations! you have successfully created your event.

Send Event Invite email

Now that you have created your event, the next step is to send an invite email.
Go to the landing page of the event and at the bottom center hover on Admin Actions and click Invite Guests.

You will be re-directed to an email template, which you can edit any way you want.
Just select the email group and hit Send.

Here's how the simple RSVP event will look like for a user -

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