Click on one of the option on the "Manage Communities" page to navigate to the page to create a community

There are five sections to fill in while creating a community

  1. Basic Details

  2. Detail & Images

  3. Admins

  4. Other

  5. Membership Criteria

(Except for Basic details rest all are optional)

Basic Details

Enter the following details -

  • Community Name

  • Privacy - Public or Private

  • Category

  • Permission for admins to send emails

NOTE: A public community allows any verified user to be a member of the community.
A private community requires admin approval for a verified user to be a member of it.

In both cases, users who are added by the admins to the community won't need any approval or verification

Detail & Images

  • Enter a description for the community

  • Logo - One specific to the community

  • Banner Image


  • Add one or more admin - Select a user to make him or her the admin of this community. You can also optionally give a title to the admins, like the President/Director of the community, Community Manager, etc.


  • Enable discussions/feed - Once you enable this option the verified members of the community can start communicating with each other

  • Location - When creating a community based on location, enter the location here for users to know which city the community belongs to.

Membership Criteria

This is applicable just for the communities where the members are auo-added based on some conditions.
This is also the most important section for such communities. Because the condition/criteria you add here will determine which users are added to the community.

Step 1:  Click on Add Criteria.

Step 2: In the following pop-up, click on Get Criteria from Data Studio

Step 3: You'll be navigated to the Data Studio page.
Here you can choose the filters you want to apply based on which the members will be added.
For example, we are creating a community for Class of 2018, so the filter is applied on "Class Year" as "2018".
Once you have applied the filter, click on Copy Filters and go back to the pop-up screen.

Step 4: Paste the criteria in the pop-up box and hit OK.

The number of profiles (including unlisted) that match the criteria is shown at the bottom left of the box.
An option to edit the criteria is also there. You can edit the criteria the same way you added.
NOTE: Once you change the criteria, the members already added will be removed and ones that match the new criteria will be added.

Hit Save changes once you are done settings up the community.

Congratulations on successfully creating a community!
Click on View on Platform to see how it looks on the front end.

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