Creating verification badges helps you manage access for different members of your community - Like 'Alumni', 'Student', or 'Class Captain'.

Verifications can be added and modified by Site Admins on your platform.

To create or edit a verification badge, navigate to 'Verifications' on the sidebar inside the admin panel.

Once you're on the Verification Settings page, you will see a list of existing verification badges, and an option to create a new verification badge.

Creating a new verification badge

Step 1: Tap or click the [Create new Verification] to get started.

Step 2: Give the badge a name and description

The name will be displayed across the platform so make sure to give it a name that is short and describes the position or affiliation of the user that has the badge.

Step 3: Select a verification form.
A verification form is a customizable form that helps you collect the information required to decide whether somebody is eligible for the badge. To learn more about creating a verification form click here.

Step 4: Select a verification type.
This helps you control how the verification badge is awarded to your community.

- The 'Verification List' type is useful for small groups of selected members like Board Members or Class Captains. Members to verification lists are manually added and removed.

- The 'Verification Segment' type is useful for large groups of people that satisfy criteria like Alumni, Class of '91, or Graduates of Engineering. Members to verification segments are automatically added and removed based on the information on their record.

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