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Managing Verification Badges

Learn how to set up and administer verification badges for different community members like alumni, students, or class captains.

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Verification badges are vital to managing access for different members of your community, such as alumni, students, or class captains. They are set up and awarded by site admins on your platform.

Step 1: Access Verification Settings

  1. As a site admin, navigate to 'Verified Groups' via the Members tab on the admin panel.

  2. On the Verification Settings page, you'll see existing verification badges and an option to create new ones. The following steps will show you how to create a new one.

Step 2: Create a New Verification Badge

Click "Create new Verification" to initiate the badge creation process.

Step 3: Name and Describe the Badge

  1. Assign a clear and descriptive name to the badge.

  2. Provide a concise description that accurately represents the badge's purpose and the affiliation it signifies.

Step 4: Choose a Verification Form

  1. Select a verification form template to gather necessary information for badge eligibility.

    • Options include: a. Verification Form (with course structure) b. Verification Form (without course structure)

    • For more details on creating a verification form, refer here.

Step 5: Select a Verification Type

  1. Choose the appropriate verification type based on your community's needs:

    • Verification List: Ideal for small, select groups (e.g., Board Members, Class Captains). Members are manually added and removed.

    • Verification Segment: Suitable for larger groups meeting specific criteria (e.g., Alumni, Class of '91, Engineering Graduates). Members are automatically added or removed based on their record information.

  • Verification Segments auto-enroll members based on set criteria, streamlining the process for large groups.

Adding Criteria to a Verification Segment

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