Listed & Unlisted Records

We have standardized the functionality around how a record is treated on the online directory, and on the communication center.

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What does this mean for my database?

  • Every record now has a status to determine whether that specific record is going to show up on the engagement platform, or not. 

  • Listed records will show up on the directory, while Unlisted records will only be accessible by administrators. 

  • You can now upload more than just alumni data on Almabase. (parents, recruiters, sponsors, local organizations, etc.) and have them unlisted on the directory, but still have Almabase do all the heavy lifting during email campaigns and engagement reports for those records. 

But why add unlisted records?

  • Protect the privacy of celebrities / major gift donors / etc. by unlisting them from the directory

  • Almabase’s Engagement Rating and all our Communication tools can be applied to all these records.

  • You can use the data studio and the communication center to segment and send emails to parents or other roles from within Almabase.

  • Raiser’s Edge NXT sync will continue to work for these records as well - and any data that gets added or updated here can be pushed to your RE

What about emails?

Both listed and unlisted records can receive emails. Only archived records (merged records, blocked accounts) will be omitted during an email campaign. 

How does this differ from Active / Inactive states?

The 2 biggest changes you will notice are :

  1. Records that were merged or accounts that were rejected or blocked are no longer seen on Data Studio. They are archived, and cannot be accessed.

  2. Email list uploads are now unlisted records on Data Studio. Hence you will notice that the record count on Data Studio may have gone up significantly.

  3. Unlisted records are indicated by this icon:

Here are some of the other changes that you will notice.

Why are some of the registered profiles unlisted?

Registered profiles will be Unlisted in 3 cases:

Case 1: The user registered but did not verify their Email Address. In other words, their Registration status is Pending Email ID Verification.

Case 2: The user registered, and verified but is yet to be approved by admin in other words their Registration Status is Pending Approval

Case 3: The user has explicitly asked to be unlisted, or the admin manually marked the profile unlisted.

Note: Registration status for a record can be checked on Data Studio.

How can I make a profile Listed or Unlisted from the Directory?

Steps to follow: Go to Data Studio Select the profile(s) ➡ Click on Admin ActionsRecord Status ➡ Select List/Unlist from Directory.

That's it! Based on the option you choose the record will be listed or unlisted from the directory.

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