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Almabase uses Salesforce Data API to add/update the Contact data on Salesforce. In order to give API access to Almabase, the org admin must install the Almabase app on the Salesforce App Exchange.


  1. Supported Salesforce Editions: Professional, Enterprise, and Essentials Editions

  2. Salesforce administrators or users with Download AppExchange Packages permission to install the app

  3. Almabase Site Administrator

  4. An active credit card


  1. $300 Annual Subscription Charges (After 90 days of a free trial)


  1. Open the Almabase App on the Salesforce App Exchange. (

  2. Click on the "Get it Now" button.

3. (Optional) If you are not already logged in to the portal, log in with the "Salesforce" credentials of the org you wish to install the app.

4.. To Install the app in the production environment click on "Install in Production"

Once you have finished installing on the production, please follow the next setup of steps to connect the Salesforce org with Almabase.

  1. Go to your Almabase platform's homepage and add this to your website's URL: /login/salesforce. (For example, if the URL to the homepage of your website is, then you should head to

  2. (Optional)  You will be redirected to Salesforce. If you are not logged in on Salesforce, log in with the org you wish to connect to Almabase.

    Note: If you are using Sandbox, then use Sandbox account credentials instead of the production environment.

  3. Click on "Allow"

5. Once the integration is successful, you will be redirected to Almabase.

6. Write to after you have finished all the setups mentioned above. One of our support executives will follow up with the next steps. You can also contact the designated Success Manager.

If you have any questions or are blocked at any step, feel free to contact with an appropriate screenshot and the step you are blocked on.

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