Once you have successfully connected your Salesforce with Almabase, we start the process to enable default settings or rules to sync the data between the two systems.

The data that can be synced are -

  • Email Address

  • Home Address

  • Work Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Residence Number and

  • Office Number

Below are the default rules that are applied to each of these fields when you sync(import or export) the data -

Export to Salesforce

Import from Salesforce

Important things to note:

  • In the default settings, auto export to Salesforce is turned off

  • No data on Salesforce is replaced during the export from Almabase, be it auto or manual.

  • A detailed report of the data exported to Salesforce is sent daily to the email address on the footer of your site(customizable).

  • Details of the data imported to Almabase can be seen under the History tab for each profile.

The default settings to export data to Salesforce can be customized as per your requirement. Get in touch with your Account manager for this.

Write to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries.

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