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The Default Setup for Data Sync Between Salesforce and Almabase Integration
The Default Setup for Data Sync Between Salesforce and Almabase Integration

Default rules/settings applied when manually importing data from Salesforce and exporting data to Salesforce

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Once you've successfully established the connection between your Salesforce and Almabase, default settings and rules are put in place to facilitate data synchronization between the two systems. The following data fields can be synchronized:

  • Email Address

  • Home Address

  • Work Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Residence Number

  • Office Number

Here are the default rules applied to each of these fields when data is synchronized (imported or exported):

Export to Salesforce

Import from Salesforce

Important things to note:

  • In the default settings, auto-export to Salesforce is turned off.

  • No data in Salesforce is replaced during the export process from Almabase, whether it's an automatic or manual export.

  • A comprehensive report detailing the data exported to Salesforce is sent daily to the email address provided in the footer of your site (this is customizable).

  • Information about the data imported into Almabase can be accessed under the "History" tab for each profile.

The default settings for exporting data to Salesforce can be customized to align with your specific requirements. Please reach out to your Account Manager for personalized adjustments.

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Intercom Chat πŸ’¬. We are here to assist you! πŸ˜„

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