Q1: Who gets notified when there is a post made on a community? Is there a way to turn on/off the notifications?

The site admin and the community admins are notified when there are posts made to a community.

You can control the notifications by toggling the "Notify admins of new content posted in the community" button on or off.

Q2: Do the community members get notified when there is a post made on the community?

No, the members are not notified. They will have to manually check if any posts are made in the community they are a part of.

Q3: When there is a reaction on a community post, do the members get any notification?

Yes, the notification is sent only to the author of the post. Other members will have to check manually.

Q4: How to delete a community group?

Since multiple elements are associated with a community like Events, News, Members, Feeds, etc., the site admins do not have the necessary access to delete a community. We are figuring out the best and simple way to delete a community group; until then, you will have to reach out to us to get them deleted.

Q5: Can we add a person who hasn't registered to a community on the website? or Can someone not in the directory be added to a community?

You cannot add a person who hasn't registered or is not in the directory to a community on the website. Also, to receive the community updates, the person has to register to the website.

Q5: I want to create an event for a specific community, such that the event is only visible to the community members and not other users on the website?

Create an event as mentioned. Under Basic Setting on the "show the event only within certain communities" field, assign a community to the event.

Once the community is assigned, that event will only be published to its group members. Other members of the website will not be able to view this event.

Q6. I created an event and want to assign more community to it, but the field is grayed out? What should I do next?

This happens only when you have created an event using the admin action button on the community page. 👇

Which causes the "show the event only within certain communities" to gray out 👇

We suggest you delete the event (if no registrations) or mark the event as canceled. And create the event as mentioned in Q5 ☝️ and assign communities to the event.

Q7: I tried deleting a community admin, and it will not let me. Can someone assist me?

If only one admin is assigned to the community, you must assign a new admin first and then remove/delete the existing admin.

Q8: Can I create a community based on specific affiliation, membership types, location-based, or class year?

Yes, you can create community groups based on specific criteria. CLICK HERE to know how to filter out users from the data studio and add them to the community group. 

NOTE: You can create community groups for all the filters available on the data studio.

Q9: I cannot add a logo, banner image and assign an admin to the community group? The fields are greyed out. What do I do?

Since the community group isn't saved, the above fields are greyed out. Save the group once you have set up the community name and privacy, post which you should be able to add the logo, banner images and assign an admin. 

Q10: How can the admins or the users access the communities page?

Admin & Users can access the communities page by adding "/groups" to the domain URL → https://alumni.myschool.org/groups. Replace "https://alumni.myschool.org/" with your domain's URL.

Example: https://alumni.regencyacademy.org/groups

Q11: I want to add a button/option on the navigation menu that redirects the users to the communities page. How can I do that?

Add "/groups" to the URL field on the Edit Main Menu & Footer.

Follow this article → Customizing the Navigation/Header and Footer Menu for detailed steps on how to edit the navigation menu.

Q12: Is there a way I can remove a member from a particular community group? Do they get notified once they are removed?

Yes, you can remove a member from a community group. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the community groups settings setting and click on the "Member Manager" tab

  • Search for the member you wish to remove, hover over their name and click on the "Reject" button that appears.

This will remove the user from a particular community group.

And no, the users are not notified once they are removed from this group.

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