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I want to add recurring payment as an option on our Giving Campaign. How can I do that?

Currently, we support recurring payments with BBMS and the Stripe Payment Account. Once you've integrated BBMS or Stripe with Almabase, you will find a toggle to Enable monthly pledge and Enable yearly pledge (available only for BBMS) for your Giving Campaign.

How can I determine if a gift made is a one-time gift/payment or a recurring gift/payment?

Under the GIFTS tab, search for the gift you want to find this information for. Hover over the donor's name, and you'll see a "view details" button, click on it, and a gift detail sidebar should show up on your screen.

At the top, you'll see if the gift is a one-time or recurring payment under the gift amount.

An alum wants to stop his recurring gifts; how can I cancel his recurring payments/gifts?

You cannot stop recurring gifts/payments on Almabase; this can only be done through your Raiser's Edge account or Stripe Account dashboard.

If a donor pledges a monthly donation, will the system trigger an email notifying the donor about the monthly contribution every month?

Yes, the system triggers an email every month letting them know about that monthly contribution.

Will the gifts made before the campaign went live show up on the countdown giving page?

No, these gifts will not be displayed on the countdown page. It will directly reflect on the goal progress bar once the campaign goes live.

I made test payments on my actual giving campaign page and want them removed/deleted before the campaign starts. How can I do that?

You can do that by moving the gifts to a Test giving page. Under the GIFTS tab, search for the test gifts that you have made. Hover over the gift, and you'll see a "view details" button. Click on the button, and a gift detail sidebar should appear on your screen.

Click on the Edit Gift option, and you'll be redirected to an edit gift page. On this page, scroll down to the Attribution section and change the Giving Page for this test gift, and hit on the save gift button.

NOTE: First, create a test Giving Page and then carry out the above steps.

I was looking to redirect donors on Almabase to the fundraising page on our main school website. Is there a way I can make this happen? Such that when users click on a button, they are sent to our main website.

Yes, you can redirect donors to the main website. To set this up, add a link to your fundraising (main website) to the "redirect users to an external URL when making a gift" field under Other settings and hit on save changes.

I want to remove the login option from my giving/event pages.

To remove the login option, go to the events/giving page's setting page. Under Other Settings turn on the toggle "Detach from engagement platform".

We have a few sponsors for our giving campaign and want to display them on the Giving page. Can you tell me how I can set that up?

You can add your sponsors to the "description" field under the landing page details section. It is a rich-text field that can add an image, attach a video or hyperlinks words etc. Below is a example of some of our partner schools that have used this field to display their sponsors

  • Scranton Prep Giving Day 2021 - Scranton Prep

Is there a way I can edit the gift amounts?

For Online Gifts, the gift amount cannot be edited. However you can edit the gift amount for offline gifts. More details on the process can be found here.

Do you have a mock payment account and card details? So that I can test our giving page setup?

Yes, reach out to us at help@almabase.com. We will set up a test stripe account on your website; you can use the mock credit card details below to test the donor's giving experience.

Card Details:
Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry: Any future date
CVV: Any random number

Are tax exemption certificates automatically generated once a donor has made a gift/payment?

No, currently, we do not generate any tax exemption certificates. We've observed most of our partner schools using the Thank You email that goes out to the donors as a tax exemption certificate.

NOTE: This email will be listed on the automated email list with the subject line: Thank you for your gift; reach out to us at help@almabase.com if you cannot find it.

How I can hide the progress bar from a Crowdfunding page?

Leaving the Goal field blank on the settings page, will hide the progress bar on the campaign page.

How can I hide the address fields on the pre-payment form?

On the admin panel, Navigate to Reports > Gift dashboard > Gift settings, you'll find all the fields displayed on the pre-payment form. Here you will have control over if you'd like to hide the address field or mark it as mandatory or optional.

Note: This will be applied across all the giving pages and if marked Hide from Donor, the specific field will not be displayed on the pre-payment form of any giving page.

The leaderboard is currently displaying individual gift amounts which I do not want to be displayed, how can I hide that?

You can hide the individual gift amounts shown on the leaderboard from the campaign settings page. Under the Leaderboards section, click the leaderboard for which you would like to hide the individual gift amounts. On the sidebar, choose "Donor names only" for the field What would you like to show? to hide the individual gift amounts.

Can the generosity tab be hidden from the Leaderboard section?

Yes, the generosity tab displayed on the Leaderboard can be removed.

To remove this, click on the leaderboard for which you would like to remove the generosity tab and toggle off "Display generosity ranking" and Hit on save changes.

I want to change the minimum donation amount to $20.20. Can that be done?

You cannot change the minimum donation amount to $20.20. You can change the minimum donation amount for a giving campaign to any whole number but you can't change the value to an amount with a decimal digit.

How do I change the logo on the Giving page?

You can change the logo for the giving page on the campaign settings page. Head to Details and Images section add a new logo specific to the giving campaign.

The uploaded logo will substitute the default school logo for this giving page. Once the changes are made to the logo, it will be displayed on your Giving page as shown in the screenshot below.

How do I delete a giving page that I created by mistake?

You can delete a giving page from the Other Settings section on the campaign settings page. In this section, you'll find a Delete Page button allowing you to delete the page created by mistake.

NOTE: Giving pages cannot be deleted once they have completed the associated donations. This is restricted because deleting these pages can lead to a loss of data.

Can one of the admins receive notifications regarding new gifts across all giving campaigns on Almabase?

Yes, we can add email addresses to receive gift notifications from all campaigns. Reach out to us at help@almabase.com with the email address on which you'd like to receive the notification, and we'll set it up for you.

Does the Thank You email automatically go out to the donor when we add an offline gift similar to an online gift donor?

No the email doesn't automatically go out even though you see a Resend Email option. If you wish to send a thank you email for offline gifts, you will have to manually click on Resend Thank You Email for all the donors.

You may consider adding the information 'Thank You email sent' under the Note for all offline gifts to keep track of this.

What payment gateways allow processing transactions with decimal values?

All payment gateways support decimal values for one-time gifts. E.g., $34.16

  • Authorize.net

  • Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS)

  • PayPal Checkout

  • TouchNet

Recurring gifts are supported only by Stripe and BBMS currently. However, only BBMS allows donors to make recurring gifts with exact values.

Is it possible to move a gift from one giving page to another?

Yes. It is possible to move a gift from one giving page to another. To do this, go to the gift and click on View DetailsEdit GiftAttribution. Here choose the giving page from the dropdown where you wish to move the gift to. Save the changes.

I wish to edit the Thank You email for all the giving pages instead of editing them individually. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to edit the Thank You email for all the Giving pages at once instead of doing it individually for each page. Here's how you can do it:

Head to SettingsSystem emails setup in the new navigation or search for Automated Emails on the old navigation.

On the Automated System Email page search for the email - Giving: Thank you emails (to donor) with subject - Thank you for your gift.

You can make edits to this email to reflect on all the Giving page Thank You emails. Make sure to not edit any merge tags or conditional codes.

Does Almabase support automatic soft credits in campaigns? It is important for us since they play a crucial role in reflecting alumni participation on the Leaderboard, a vital visual for tracking campaign progress.

Currently, Almabase does not support soft credits at the moment. However, soft credit is automatically added to a parent/spouse or friend if that setup on RE is present. Please check out this article for more details.

Is it possible to export an influencer report to view details such as affiliations, contact information, and other details?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an export for the Influencer report with details. However, there is no direct way to access this from the Giving page; instead, it is available through the Engagement Studio.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Engagement Studio and click on Add engagement filter.

2. Add the filter - Influenced a gift and the Giving Page. 👇🏽 You can find more information on creating filters on Engagement Studio here.

3. Once the filter has filtered out the influencers, click on the sign and click on Export All to download the information on a spreadsheet.

4. The required columns can be added or deleted using the Edit Columns option. 👇🏽

💡 Note: This filter and export shows only the mapped influencers

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