How to create a simple RSVP Event?

Step 1:

Search for "Create an Event" in the admin panel, and click on it.

Once clicked, the following modal will appear. Enter a name for your Event here

Step 2:

In the following screen, you will see various sections to be set up, such as:

  • Basic Settings

  • Details & Images

  • Guest Registrations

  • Payments

  • Tickets

  • Sub-Events

  • Discounts

  • Contact Person

  • Gift Tickets

  • Other Settings

You need to set up only three sections for a simple RSVP event.

  1. Basic Settings

Under basic settings, enter the following details for the Event.

  • Event Name

  • Event Venue (Location, URL, or Zoom Webinar)

  • Start and End Date & Start and End time.

  • Time Zone

If the Event is for a specific community group, select the group in the field Show this Event only within certain communities; else, leave the field blank.

NOTE: You can also maintain exclusivity for a particular event. Follow this article on Privacy Control for detailed information.

  • Details & Images

Once the basic details are entered, the next step is to add information about the Event under the Description field; here, you can give the user more information about the Event.

Pro Tip: description is a rich text field, so you are not restricted to texts only. You should be able to add videos, upload a file, create a table, etc. (string of options)

Next, upload the banner pictures you want for the Event on a laptop/desktop and on a mobile device using the fields Banner Image and Banner Image on the mobile.

You can also share images of the same Event from last year using the "Event Gallery Image" field.

Note: For the entire image to be visible, please upload it in the recommended size mentioned below the respective fields

  • Guests & RegistrationsĀ 

Here, you can setĀ 

  • Whether you want the Event to be available only to verified account holders on your platform? or to anyone?

    If it's open to anyone, then toggle on "allow guests to register without logging in or signing up."

  • Whether you want to allow other guests to accompany your ticketĀ 

    If accompanying guests are allowed, then toggle on "Permit accompanying guests."

  • Whether you need to ask the guests additional questions using forms, if yes, attach a custom form under the "Registration Form" field.

  • You can also add a user's email address to the "send notifications to" field, and every time somebody registers for the Event, this user will be notified.

  • Lastly, you can toggle on the "Send event reminder email" option for our system to automatically send a reminder email to the event registrants a day before the Event starts.

NOTE: All the toggles under this section are turned off by default.

If accompanying guests are allowed, the buyer will be required to input some basic details about the people accompanying them.

Here to allow the event registrant to fill in details of the accompanying guests later, you can use Sponsored or Team tickets. This allows the event registrants to come back later and fill in the accompanying guest's details.

  • Contact Persons
    Here you can add details of the contact person who will be seen on the events landing page.

  • Other Settings
    Under this section, there are a few additional settings such as:

  1. Event Database ID on Re7

  2. Redirect registration to an external URL (for detailed information, follow this help article)

  3. Tags - adding a tag will help you filter the Event on all events listing pages.

  4. Show discussion on the event page.

  5. Show registered guests on the Event's page.

  6. Asks guests to select affiliation (for detailed information on this, follow this help article)

  7. Detach from the engagement platform

  8. Delete Event - to delete an event, make sure there is no active registration for the Event.

  9. Copy Event - With this option, you can replicate the event details (except the event name) on a new event.

Step 3:

And finally, hit 'Save Changes.'

Toggle on 'Publish Event' to make the Event visible on the platform; the event name will appear on the homepage events card.

Once published, toggle on 'Accept Registration' to allow people to register for the Event.

Congratulations! you have successfully created your Event.

Here's how the simple RSVP event will look like for a user

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