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How to Add an Alumni or User to an Existing Email Group?
How to Add an Alumni or User to an Existing Email Group?

Learn how to add a record to an existing email group from the data studio.

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If filters were used to create the email group from Directories or the Data Studio, qualifying records would be automatically added.

However, for groups without filters (e.g., newsletter, fundraising, board members), manual record addition is required.

Step 1: Navigate to Data Studio

Step 2: Select Records for the Existing Email Group

  1. Select the records you want to add to the existing email group.

  2. Go to “Admin Actions” > “Communication Center” > “Add the record to the existing email group”.

  3. If there is no record of the email address you want to add to the email group, click here to learn how to create one.

Step 3: Add the Selected Records

  1. Select the email group you want to add the records to.

  2. Click “Add Members”.

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