Passwordless Login on Almabase

Understand how passwordless login provides a convenient way for users to access the website and also maintain a high level of security

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The passwordless login mechanism on Almabase platforms makes it easier for your community members to log in using any of the multiple emails on their profile and also keeps your community safe online.

We integrate with Auth0

With this integration, we believe we're bringing world-class identity management to your community.

Members can also log in with any of the multiple emails that are listed on their record.

The password-less system would mean that the members would no longer need to remember a password so that even the most infrequent users can log in without breaking a sweat.

In addition, the most popular SSO options like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google are pre-built. You can further customize this to add other log in options of your choice easily.

Improved Community Security

Passwords have become a big target over the past few years. Traditional password authentication is susceptible to a number of data threats such as data breaches, phishing, etc. However, single-use codes, makes Password-less authentication largely immune to these threats.

With the need for online security growing, Google announced a move away from passwords on world passwords day (May 6).

We too want to take all the steps necessary to keep your online community from any bad actors who might use a leaked password to gain access to your entire community.

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