With Directories, you can create a library of any content that is of value to your alumni.

They can then access it, add their own content, and easily share it with others.

List your Yearbooks, Newsletters, Alumni businesses, even Webinar recordings on career guidance, financial planning, etc., and have them easily accessible to your alumni when they need them.

Important: Directories are one of the features that can be embedded into any website. So you can create it on Almabase and publish it on your school website.

Directories are Form-driven

Each Directory has a form linked to it. The content or items are added to the Directory through Form submissions.

A Directory Page on Almabase

Set up a form to collect information from users, and link it to the Directory.

Note: The form type has to be "To collect submissions for Directory"

You can then change the Directory settings to display the submissions the way you want.

Add rich content

Rich text field on Forms

Add rich text fields to your Forms to enable users to share formatted content with images, videos, etc.

Add a default cover image

Images make it easier for users to comprehend the content and make the page look more lively and interactive.

Make Directories discoverable on any website

Use the Directories unique URL or the directory widget to publish it on Almabase Website.

Use the embed code to publish the directory on an external site.

Know how you can improve your Directory

Once published you can track how the users are interacting with the Directory. You can even check what they have searched for, and accordingly add the next content to it.

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