Influencer URLs are an excellent way for the alumni members to promote and increase participation in their Alma mater's fundraising efforts. It helps to associate the following attributes.

  • The total number and amount of "gifts" influenced

  • The total number of "visitors" reached

Let's find out where the alumni members can find their Influencer URL.

There are two places to find your Influencer URL.

  • On the automated thank you email, which is sent to a donor after making a gift.

  • By clicking on "Tell someone about this campaign" on the Giving page.

On Automated Emails

When a user makes a gift towards a fundraiser, our system automatically sends them a thank you email which looks like this 👇

The URL under the Your Invite Link is the donors' influencer link.

The donors can search for this email with the subject link: Thank you for joining the 'Giving Page Name' campaign.

☝️ Follow the above step if a user has made a gift for the fundraiser. If a user hasn't made any gifts and wishes associate with the campaign, follow the below step 👇

Sharing the campaign details

Users can click on the "tell someone about this campaign," enter their name and email address and hit Share Campaign on the Giving campaign page.

On the following pop-up modal, the user can copy their influencer link to share it with their network.

Note: Users are also sent the automated email mentioned in option one with the same subject line.

Ensure the users share the correct Influencer URL to have "visitors," and "gifts raised" correctly attributed to their record.

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