Share a Campaign Without Affecting Influencer Metrics

Share your competitive fundraising campaign, Share the campaign without affecting influencer metrics, and Share a campaign on social media,

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Sharing a campaign is an important step in raising donations and building awareness for your cause. With the addition of a new feature that allows users to share campaign links on social media, spreading the word and maximizing your impact is now easier than ever.

Until recently, the only way to share these campaigns was just to share the link, which had an effect on the leaderboard. You can now post campaigns on social media without affecting the leaderboard, thanks to the latest update.
This article will walk you through the process of sharing a campaign πŸ‘‡

  • Right below the "Make a Gift" button, you will find a new "Share" button.

  • Clicking the "Share" button will allow you to choose how you want to share your campaign on social media.

  • If you prefer to share a unique campaign link, follow these steps πŸ‘‡

    • Select the alternative option called "Get your unique link to track your impact and participate in the leaderboard." (Influencer link)

    • Click on the "Get My Link" button to proceed.

    • This will allow you to enter your full name and email. Fill in the required details.

    • Once you've provided your information, click the "Share" or "Get My Link" button, and a unique link will be generated.

    • You can then share this unique link on any platform of your choice, allowing you to track your impact on the leaderboard while raising funds for your campaign.

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