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How to Customize the Attendee List?

Learn how to customize the attendee list to encourage others to register.

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Showing who's attending an event on the homepage can be a great way to encourage others to register.

Even better, you can highlight specific fields like 'Class Years' to motivate guests from similar cohorts to join.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

  1. Go to 'Guest & Registrations.

  2. Find the 'Events Settings' tab.

Step 2: Access Customization Options

  1. Click the gear icon beside the "Show registered guests on the event's page" toggle.

  2. A list of customizable fields will appear on the right.

Note: Only information from registration and guest forms will be available for selection.

Step 3: Customize the Display

  1. Choose the field you wish to highlight, e.g., "Class Year."

  2. Save your changes.

Note: Only one field can be highlighted on the guest list.

Feel free to reach out at or through Intercom Chat 💬 for any questions or concerns😄.

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