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Understanding Registration and Guest Forms
Understanding Registration and Guest Forms

Learn how to gather vital information your attendees and their companions.

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In your event settings, under Guests and Registrations, you'll find two critical forms: the Registration form and the Guest form.

Registration Form

  • Focuses solely on the Main Guest.

  • Ideal for collecting specific information from the primary registrant, like class year for alumni events.

  • Filled out once per registration, perfect for queries like seating preferences.

Guest Form

  • Addresses details for the Main Guest and their companions.

  • Activated when you allow accompanying guests, ensuring you gather essential details from everyone, such as meal choices.

Accessing Form Submissions

Admins can view submissions by navigating to Guest Details and clicking "View Details" next to a guest's name:

  • Booking Form: Displays Registration form responses.

  • View Main and Accompanying Guest Form: Shows responses from the Guest Form for all guests.

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