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How to Add Offline Gifts to the Giving Campaign
How to Add Offline Gifts to the Giving Campaign

Steps to add a few offline gift details or upload bulk gift data into a giving campaign.

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How to record a few offline gifts

Step 1: Go to the Gifts tab and click on the plus icon.

You will be redirected to Add a gift page.

Step 2: Add the necessary gift details and hit on Save Gift.

There are a few more sections on the same page.

  • Gift/Gift Splits - Here, you can add the gift amount and to which fund you'd like to allocate this gift.

  • Gift Instructions - You can add the tribute message and a note for the gift in this section. You can also indicate whether the donor chose to be anonymous or not.

  • Transaction Details - Date of the gift made and the payment method used.

  • Attribution - Select the giving page and other UTM parameters.

    Note: The last section is specific to RE NEXT customers.

  • Sync Details - Add details on how the gift details are stored on the external database.

NOTE: The above process is to record about 10 to 15 gifts. If the gifts to record are higher than that, then follow the steps mentioned below.

How to bulk upload gift data to a Giving Campaign

Step 1: Go to the Admin Panel and click on ToolsGivingGift Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Import Gifts button in the Gift Dashboard tab.

Step 3: Download the Excel Template - Downloading the template provides an Excel sheet formatted for uploading gift data. This sheet serves as the canvas for recording the details of offline gifts.

Step 4: Uploading Data to the Gift Dashboard - After filling in the Excel sheet with the necessary information, return to the gift dashboard and click Start Import. Setup the mapping of the columns in the sheet with the gift fields on Almabase.

Note: Mandatory fields would need mapping. The others can be skipped.

Step 5: Import Roles and Data Mapping - Clicking Next again will move you to the page mapping stage, where we specify the destination page for the uploaded data.

Step 6: Fund Designation Mapping - Assign each fund mentioned in the Excel sheet to the corresponding fund in Almabase. This ensures the accurate allocation of gifts to the intended purposes.

Once everything is set, you can monitor the progress of the upload on the screen. Information such as upload time, the number of gifts processed, and any potential errors are displayed. If errors occur, users can Download Error Excel File to identify and rectify the issues.

💡 Please Note:

  • We cannot add pre/post-payment form details when adding offline gifts.

  • No emails are sent to users for offline gift uploads.

  • Error Handling and Duplicate Prevention: The upload process will be successful only if all records in the Excel sheet are processed without errors. Any error requires rectification before reuploading to avoid duplicate entries.

  • Date Formats: The system the following date formats only MM-DD-YYYY, and YYYY-MM-DD.

  • Amount Format: The amount can be of a decimal value but must always be greater than 0.

  • If Funds are mentioned in the gift file, add values to the Split Amount column.

  • Mode: The accepted values are —

    • online

    • offline

    • offline_cheque

    • offline_wire_transfer

    • offline_cash

    • offline_demand_draft

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