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FAQs on Recurring Gifts

Find answers to common questions about features related to recurring gifts, including their processing, enabling and cancellation options.

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How to enable recurring gifts for a campaign?

  • Go to the campaign settings page.

  • Select “Payment Options”.

  • Integrate BBMS or Stripe with Almabase.

  • Enable options for monthly and yearly pledges (yearly available only for BBMS).

How can donors choose an end date for their recurring gift?

  • To allow donors to set an end date, activate "Enable pledge limits".

  • Go to “Payment Options”.

  • Select the gear icon next to the pledge options.

  • If a donor doesn’t set a duration, the gift is considered a lifetime pledge by default.

  • Monthly pledges: donors can choose 3 to 36 months.

  • Yearly pledges (BBMS only): donors can choose 2 to 5 years.

Where to look for Recurring gifts and Recurring gift payments?

  • Find recurring gifts under the "Recurring gifts" tab in the campaign.

  • View gift details by selecting “View details” next to each gift.

  • Recurring gift payments are in the “Gifts” tab, marked with a recurring icon.

How are recurring gifts processed?

  • Details of the recurring gift are sent from Almabase to the payment processor.

  • Notification sent to Almabase and recorded as a gift each time a donor is charged.

  • Admins and donors receive notification emails after each gift.

How are recurring gifts synced to RE?

  • For Stripe: Follow the one-time gift sync process. Recurring payments can be added to the same list or separately.

  • For BBMS: Sync is automatic. Ensure correct fund and constituent mapping.

  • Sync Steps for BBMS:

    • Step 1: Almabase creates a recurring gift placeholder in RE.

    • Step 2: A batch for the first payment is created in RE.

    • Step 3: Payment reflects in RE after batch approval.

    • Step 4: Subsequent payments are batched and synced automatically.

How do I cancel a recurring gift?

  • Cancel recurring gifts through your Raiser's Edge account or Stripe Account dashboard.

  • Cancellation is not possible directly on Almabase.

  • Check out this article on how to cancel recurring gifts on RE.

How do I refund a recurring gift?

  • Process refunds through your Raiser's Edge account or Stripe Account dashboard.

  • Refunds cannot be issued directly through Almabase.

How to increase/decrease the recurring gift amount on RE?

  • Locate the recurring gift in your RE account.

  • Change the amount and save.

  • Almabase updates the amount within a day.

  • The new amount will be charged from the next scheduled transaction.

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