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How to Add a Page to the Navigation/Header and Footer Menu
How to Add a Page to the Navigation/Header and Footer Menu

How to add a page that you created onto the site's front end

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All the pages that are created are listed in the Pages section under Tools in the admin panel. You can view and edit them there.

To add a previously created page to the website:

Step 1: 

Go to SettingsHeader and footer settings under Platform Settings section.

Here, you will find different menu options on Header, Footer, and various ”sub links” under them. Select the header/footer under which you want the page to be added.

Step 2:

Click the option Add sub link under the selected header/footer. The following menu will pop up.

Step 3:

Name: Text entered here will be reflected on the navigation menu of the website.

Link: In this field, choose the option “Page”.
A drop-down list will appear with the list of pages that are already created.
Select the page that you want and click Save Changes.

Alternatively, you can choose the option "URL"  and insert any URL (external site or any other link within Almabase)

Visibility: You can choose one among the options i.e All visitors, Verified Users, or Hidden, to set the access to this navigation.

Step 4:

Once this is done, click the Save Changes option on the bottom-right corner to ensure that these changes get reflected on the main page.

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