Add Challenges

see how to setup challenges against your campaign goal to drive peer-to-peer campaigning

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  • Setting it up

    • Under Campaign Page Settings, you will find the section "Add a Challenge". Enter a suitable Title and elaborate more about the challenge in the Description box.

πŸ“ The description box also supports rich text content like tables, images, and videos. Use those to make your challenges more illustrative and appealing

  • Hit on "Publish" and "Save Changes". The challenge will now be visible on your campaign page.

πŸ“ In case you want to make further edits to your challenges, you can keep the "Publish" toggle off to save it as a draft and publish it later when you're ready.

  • Re-Ordering challenges

  • Use the three-bar icon on the left of the challenge to re-order.
    Don't forget to hit Save!

  • Mark a challenge complete

  • Turn ON the toggle "Mark challenge as completed?" to mark it as "Completed"

πŸ“ A completed challenge is automatically pushed to the bottom of the list on the landing page.

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