Creating a Form

Set up basic form details, select the form type, structure the form questions, and add a thank you message.

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With Forms, you can collect valuable information that will help you stay connected & engaged with your Alumni in a streamlined fashion.

Forms are an integral feature of Almabase as it's used across all our other features such as Events, Giving, Directories, and Pages. It helps collect necessary information from your Alumni to plan your upcoming campaigns.

Steps to create a form ๐Ÿ‘‡

Step 1:

From the admin panel, go to Tools > Forms and click on the "plus" button.

Step 2:

Give your form a name and select the Form type.

Step 3:

Give your form a description

Pro Tip: Description is a rich text field. You should be able to add images, videos, or hyperlink certain words according to your preferences.

Step 4:

Add questions/fields to your form.

Click on Add a question/form field to add questions/fields to the form based on what information you want to collect. Follow this article on various Field Types you can select while adding your questions.

Step 5 (optional):

Convert to Stepped Form

If your form becomes too long and tedious, you can simplify it by converting it into multiple segments using the 'convert to stepped form' option

Pro Tip - You can convert your form into multiple segments when conducting an alumni survey or collecting updated information via Class notes.

Step 6:

Final touches to your form on Form Submissions

Under form submission, there are multiple options:

  • Submit Button Text - You can rename the typical 'Submit" button to anything per your requirements (e.g., Thank You, Confirm, Process, etc.)

  • Redirect URL - Adding an URL here will redirect the users to that page once they have submitted the form.

Pro Tip: Depending on what this form is for you, you can redirect the users to that particular page or an external YouTube video, etc.

  • Add a message after submission: The text entered here is shown once the user submits the form.

  • Toggle on Accept Submissions to start receiving form submissions.

Reach out to us at or through the Chat Bubble for any queries or concerns related to Creating a Form ๐Ÿ˜„

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