Creating and Managing Challenges

Learn how to incorporate challenges into your campaign, fostering peer-to-peer engagement.

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Setting Up Challenges

Step 1: Access Challenge Settings

  1. Navigate to "Campaign Page Settings".

  2. Locate and select "Add a Challenge".

Step 2: Define Your Challenge

  1. Input an appropriate title.

  2. Elaborate on the challenge within the "Description" box.

Utilize the rich text features (e.g., tables, images, videos) in the description to enhance the appeal of your challenges.

Step 3: Publishing

  1. Choose "Publish" and confirm with "Save Changes" to display the challenge on your campaign page.

  2. To edit challenges later, leave the "Publish" toggle off, saving it as a draft. Publish when satisfied.

Managing Challenges

Re-order Challenges

  1. Use the three-bar icon beside a challenge to adjust its sequence.

  2. Confirm with "Save".

Marking Completion

  • Simply activate the "Mark challenge as completed?" toggle.

  • Completed challenges shift to the bottom of the list on the campaign landing page.

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