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Linking Payment Accounts and Adding Funds to the Campaign Page
Linking Payment Accounts and Adding Funds to the Campaign Page

Learn more about the process of linking a payment account for your campaign and specifying the funds donors can contribute towards.

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Connect a Payment Account


  • Ensure a payment account is set up prior to the linkage. Find out more here.

  • Note that only Stripe and BBMS accounts can handle recurring donations.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Payment Options" section

  1. Go to the 'Payment Options' section.

  2. Click on 'Add payment account'.

Step 2: Select your Desired Payment Account

  1. On the appearing sidebar, choose your desired payment account

Step 3: Configure the Amount Settings

  1. Choose the desired amount settings for one-time and monthly gifts.

Designating a Fund

Step 1: Navigate to the "Fund Designation" section

  1. Go to the "Fund Designation" section.

  2. Look for 'Fund options'.

Step 2: Pick the funds

  1. Select the funds you want to be associated with the campaign

Step 3: Configure the fund designation options

  1. Allow donors the option to donate to multiple funds: enabling them to contribute to several of the defined funds.

  2. Allow donors the flexibility to select from other funds.

    1. This means they can contribute to funds not listed under "Fund options".

  3. Choose if donors should be allowed to specify a fund name if the desired one isn't available. See how it works.

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