The purpose of payment links is to create a simplified and seamless payment experience for the donor. For more information on what payment links are and what changes for the admins and donors, CLICK HERE.

In this article, let's understand two aspects of creating a payment link:

  • Generating a payment link with donor information for one-time use.

  • Creating a payment link template.

Where to go to create or generate a payment link?

Navigate to the campaign settings page, navigate to the Payment Link tab, and hit the "+" icon.

Generating a payment link for one-time use

When you click on the "+" icon, the Generate Payment Link modal will appear on your screen 👇

You can fill in the donor details manually or search for the donor's record on the website. If the donors' record exists, the information is automatically pulled in from the profile.

NOTE: Only the pre-payment form attached to the Giving campaign can be pre-filled; the donor will have to manually enter the post-payment form details after making the payment.

After entering the necessary information, click on the generate payment link button, and the below pop-up will appear on your screen.

Please copy the link and share it with your donor. 😄

With payment link templates, you pre-set the payment amount, fund designation, pre-payment form fields one time and change the donor information depending on the person you want to send the payment link to.

To create a payment link template, follow the steps below 👇

  • Click on the "+" icon as mentioned here.

  • On the Generate Payment Link modal, click on the "Load Template" option.

  • On the next modal, click on "create a new template."

  • Give the template a name and pre-set the payment amount, fund designation, and the pre-payment form fields.

  • Click on "Save Changes" once you have entered the necessary details. By doing this, next time you wish to generate a payment link, the above details are pre-filled, and you'll only have to enter the donor details.

You will see all the payment links generated for a fundraising campaign on the "payment links" tab.

  • The payment links are listed in three different sections 👇

    • Not Paid - Either you have not yet shared the link, or the donor has not yet made the donation

    • Paid - The donor successfully made a payment.

    • Failed - The donor attempted to make a payment, but failed due to card-related issues.

    Here's how the process would look like for a donor when they click on the payment link you shared

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