The main idea behind this is to make the donation/payment experience for a donor as simple and swift as possible.

The payment link is a unique link created for a donor with the details, like the donor’s contact details, fund designation and amount, and any other campaign information pre-filled.

The donor has to click on this link and enter the card details.

NOTE: They can still have the option to change any detail they want.

An Example:-
Let's say you're a gift officer who got confirmation from one of the donors. You can send out this payment link with all the details - amount, fund, contact information, etc., all prefilled.
The donor will have to click on this link and enter their card details.

How to create one for your campaign?

Go to the admin side of your campaign page > Payment Links tab > Hit on the "+" icon.

There are 2 options from here -

Create a quick link and send it out to a donor(as mentioned in the example above).

As you can see in the screenshot, you can create a link even for a donor whose record is not on the platform. You have to enter their contact details.

NOTE: Only the pre-payment form fields can be set up to be pre-filled.

If you don't want to send the payment link right away, but want to fix the amount, fund designation, or any other campaign details, then Create a template.

Pre-set the fund designation, the amount, or other campaign details.
When you decide to share it with a donor, all you have to do is select the donor's record on the platform or enter the contact details yourself.

NOTE: None of the contact details are mandatory while generating a payment link. Whatever is unfilled will be asked to the donor to type-in when making the donation/payment.

Here's how to create a template -

  • Click on Load Template.

  • Create a new template or choose from an existing one (if you had previously created it)

  • Name the template(1).

  • Add the payment details if you want to prefill the amount and the fund designation(2).

  • If you want to pre-fill the custom form fields, then set up the form fields (3).

  • Next time when you have to create a payment link for a donor with these fields prefilled with a specific value, choose the template, select the record, and hit Generate Payment Link.

  • You will see all the payment links generated for the campaign under the "Payment Links" tab.

  • The payment links will be listed in one of the three buckets based on whether the donation was made successfully.
    1. Not Paid - Either you have not yet shared the link, or the donor has not yet made the donation
    2. Paid - The donor successfully makes the donation.
    3. Failed - The donor attempted to donate, but it failed due to card related issues.

  • Based on this status, you can decide to reach out to the donor again or send out a "Thank You" email for the donation.

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