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Configuring Additional Settings and Publishing the Page
Configuring Additional Settings and Publishing the Page

Learn the process for enabling anonymous gifts, gift tributes, redirecting users post-donation, and more.

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Setting Up Gift Options

Step 1: Anonymous Gifts

  1. Use the toggle to allow anonymous donations.

Step 2: Gift Tributes

  1. Enable the toggle if you'd like donors to offer a tribute with their donation.

Step 3: Manual Amount Entry

  1. By default, apredefined amount slabs are hidden.

  2. If this setting is ON, donors have to manually input the donation amount.

Below is an example of what the donors would see

Adjusting Other Settings and URLs

Step 1: Thank You Image

  1. Upload an image to display to donors post-gift, positioned above the post-payment form.

Step 2: Redirection URLs

  1. Input the URL for redirecting donors after their donation.

  2. Define a URL to navigate donors to an external page when selecting the donation option.

  3. Provide the URL for social media sharing of this campaign.

Step 3: Miscellaneous Settings

  1. Toggle to determine if the campaign appears on the Almabase site.

  2. Edit the automated thank you email that's sent to donors post-donation.

  3. For RE NXT users, configure the associated appeal, package, and campaign. More details are available.

  4. Delete the campaign page, possible only if no associated donations exist.

Making Your Campaign Live

Step 1: Publish Your Fundraising Page

  1. Enable the toggle to showcase the campaign on your site.

Step 2: Start Accepting Gifts

  1. Activate the toggle to begin receiving donations.

Step 3: Saving All Changes

  1. Click "Save Changes" to finalize settings.

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