Managing and Creating Gifts

Learn how to oversee donation details, modify them, and include offline gifts.

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Viewing and Editing Gifts

Step 1: Access the Gifts Tab

  1. Navigate to the "Gifts" tab where all campaign gifts are listed.

Step 2: View and Edit Gift Details

  1. Click on "View details" for any gift to see donor input, donation amount, and more.

  2. To edit, select "Edit Gift" to access the edit page.

    1. You can adjust details like name, email, contact info, form responses, and tribute.

  3. Note: Only offline gift amounts and funds can be altered.

    1. For online gift changes, consider adding a new entry.

    2. Additionally, for offline gifts, while fund modification is feasible, the amount cannot be adjusted.

    3. To change the sum, add a new gift or split the gift, then remove the old entry.

Adding a Gift

Step 1: Navigate to Adding a Gift

  1. Go to the "Gifts" tab and click on the plus icon. This redirects to the "Add a gift" page.

Step 2: Enter Donor Information

  1. Fill in details like Name, Email, Address, and Number.

Step 3: Specify Amount and Fund

  1. Input the desired donation amount and allocate the fund.

Step 4: Additional Details

  1. Add any tribute message and fill out pre-payment and post-payment form details.

  2. If dealing with gifts synced with Raiser's Edge, understand that "Sync Details" will auto-populate and can be overlooked.

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