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Pushing Form Data to Almabase
Pushing Form Data Collected Through Events to User Profiles
Pushing Form Data Collected Through Events to User Profiles

Learn more about how to push updated constituent data from event forms to Almabase and Raiser's Edge NXT user profiles.

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Event Connector allows seamless data transfer from event forms to both Almabase user profiles and Raiser's Edge NXT.

When a guest registers for an event, default fields like Name, Email, Phone Number, and Affiliations are automatically updated in their Almabase profiles and synced to Raiser's Edge NXT.

Affiliation field can be toggled on/off from Event Settings

Moving Updated Constituent Data to Almabase User Profile

Step 1: Set up a Connection on Your Event

  1. Go to the "Connections tab". Here you can define rules for how the data from your registration forms will be pushed to the guest's profile on Almabase.

  2. Choose rules for each field like Name, Email, and Phone Number.

  3. Choose to either review manually before updating or let it update automatically.

    1. If a guest is mapped to a record, the data they entered can be pushed to that record.

For example, click on the "Email" field to set options:

  • Type: Set the type of email, like 'Personal'.

  • Is login email: Mark the email as a login credential.

  • Is Primary: Make the new email the primary email for the user.

Connection Rule Options

  • Don't update: No new data will be pushed.

  • Review before updating: Manually review the changes before updating.

  • Automatically push: New data will automatically update the profile.

Note: Make sure all registrations are mapped to a record for data to flow to profiles.

Step 2: Push Data to the Almabase User Profile

If you've set your connection rule to 'Review before updating', you'll need to manually check each update.

  1. Go to the "Guest Manager" tab and navigate to the mapping section for each registration.

  2. You'll see both the new data and the existing data.

  3. Review the updates and select 'Add to Record' to push the new data to the user profile.

Step 3: Sync the New Data to RENXT

After updating the Almabase user profiles, you can sync this data to RENXT.

  1. Use the "Constituent Sync" feature to update RENXT.

  2. The data will either be automatically pushed to RENXT or will be flagged for review in the Data Inbox, depending on your Sync Rules.\

Pushing Other Form Fields to the Almabase User Profile

Form Connector Limitations

Form connectors are handy but come with some limits. They only work with the default fields on a user's profile.

These default fields include Basic Information, Addresses, Emails, Phone Numbers, URLs, Education, Other Education, Preferences, Affiliations, Interests, Marital Information, and Employment.

Currently, custom fields are not supported.

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