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Setting Up Mentorship Guidelines
Setting Up Mentorship Guidelines

Learn how to establish effective guidelines for mentors and mentees in your program.

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Mentorship guidelines are vital in defining the framework for mentors and mentees in a mentorship program.

Key Elements of Mentorship Guidelines

  1. Content of Guidelines:

    • Incorporate principles, expectations, and best practices.

    • Specify rules and conduct for both mentors and mentees.

  2. Rich Text Capabilities:

    • Utilize a rich text field to enhance guidelines with images, GIFs, or videos.

  3. Visibility and Access:

    • Guidelines appear on the Alumni mentorship page.

    • Separate mentor and mentee guidelines are accessible in their respective handbooks.

Importance of Effective Guidelines

  • Structure and Clarity: Guidelines provide a clear structure and set expectations for both parties in the mentorship relationship.

  • Best Practices: Emphasize best practices to ensure a beneficial and respectful experience.

  • Resourceful and Engaging: Use multimedia to make the guidelines more engaging and informative.

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