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Creating and Setting Up a Mentorship Program
Creating and Setting Up a Mentorship Program

Learn more about establishing a new mentorship program, configuring its basic settings, and managing connections.

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Our revamped Mentorship module redefines mentorship with proactive mentee recognition, personalized mentor recommendations, and more.

Step 1: Access the Mentorship Module

  1. Go to the admin navigation area of your platform.

  2. Select 'Tools'.

  3. Choose 'Mentorship' to access the mentorship module.

Step 2: Enter Basic Settings for the Mentorship Program

  1. In the Basic Settings section, add the name for your mentorship program.

  2. Set up verification requirements for accessing the mentorship program. For example, you might restrict access to only alumni.

  3. For admin notifications, enter the email addresses of administrators who should receive updates about the program.

Step 3: Configure Maximum Connections

  1. Locate the 'Maximum connections' setting. This setting limits the number of active mentorship relationships a mentor or mentee can have at one time.

  2. Remember, this setting impacts several aspects:

    • It limits the number of mentorship requests a mentee can send.

    • While mentors can receive unlimited pending requests, the number of active or accepted connections is restricted by this setting.

  3. Choose an appropriate limit for maximum connections, considering the size and scope of your program.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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