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Setting Up the Registration Form for the Mentorship Program
Setting Up the Registration Form for the Mentorship Program

Registration form on the mentorship program

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The registration form in the mentorship module serves as a critical gateway for participants, allowing them to enroll in mentorship programs, specify their preferences, and indicate their mentorship intent.

It collects essential information from both mentors and mentees, enabling the system to make personalized mentor recommendations and streamline the pairing process.

Registration form:

  • Add a form to the Mentorship program.

  • Ensure the form type is set to "To collect information for mentorship onboarding"

  • Apart from the default fields present, you can add any additional questions/form field details you want to collect from the Mentors or Mentees.

  • By selecting the Preview option, you can see where the questions on the form will appear by previewing the flow that mentors or mentees will go through. ๐Ÿ‘‡


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